started forwarding people that ask that i got & 7th person I realized I sent it to people I follow that don’t necessarily follow me… so over it. if you follow me & wanna do it post 10 things about you & tag me sorry i’m not good at this

gr4cesmellbig asked:

Say 10 things about yourself, then send this to 10 of your fav followers :D

  1. going to Philippines tomorrow for 2 weeks
  2. still haven’t packed yet
  3. worried i won’t have access to internet
  4. gonna have a lot of youtube videos to catch up on
  5. i dabble in the vloggity vlogs on youtube
  6. i’m full filipino but born & raised in Canada
  7. this is my first trip without my parents (going with my younger sister & cousin)
  8. My younger sister & cousin are my best friends
  9. i enjoy dancing like no one’s there even when people are there
  10. i can’t dance